Wally Workman Gallery 35th Anniversary Show

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  • Opening Reception | August 15 Saturday 6:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.


Established in 1980, Austin was a sleepy college town and West Sixth Street was known for its Sunday brunch. Today, Austin is the 11th largest and 2nd fastest growing city in the country. As Austin has changed, the Gallery has been able to grow its programming. In 1980, the local market could support art posters. Now, in 2015, the gallery represents 60 different artists with work ranging from landscapes to more process oriented color field studies to figurative work that comments upon and reflects our social climate. The gallery’s clientele has evolved from a small group of loyal local collectors to a dynamic regional and international base. We celebrate these years, and those to come, with a group show exemplifying the depth and breadth of the talent we are so lucky to represent.  We thank all the artists and patrons who helped us get here. Three juried works by Stephanie Strange will be included in the exhibition.

Wally Workman Gallery
1202 West 6th Street  •  Austin, Texas 78703


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