Harlequin Creature Journal

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I am thrilled to announce five of my typewriter works are published in the very unique Harlequin Creature Journal. As a matter of fact this is how they describe themselves: “harlequin creature is…a place for all kinds of interesting and peculiar creatures to convene and share their literariness and artistic underbelly. a journal sure to be unconventional in today’s overwhelmingly digital age, and, at the same time, very much in touch with a nostalgia for an earlier era… with a circle of friends that spans from los angeles to ann arbor to new york, every single journal is hand typed on high quality paper. each copy is then hand bound, and a limited number include artwork by a featured artist.​

a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation founded in 2012 in the state of new york.

A feature chapbook including four of Strange’s typewriter works, two drawings and two visual poems. Also included in the journal is a hand typed poem.


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