Art Book Colab with Barrie Tullett

paper detail of designing art book colab

Did I just say colab? I did and looking forward to working with my good friend and multi-talented, Barrie Tullett. We’ll be comprising an art book of our exchanges. You may remember him as the Author of ‘Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology’ which is the catalyst for our meeting. Now, Barrie lives in Great Britain and I in rural Texas so its a real toast of hot tea and sweet ice tea. Well, we haven’t actually met in person but share a mutual respect for each other’s work and so far work famously together. I give him most of the credit for this as he is practically a professional collaborator. It says so on his collective website, caseroom press. And I have in the past been a solitary creator. There are too many wonderful people in the world, that I decided that I should like to work with some of them and invited Barrie to colab. I am pleased that he agreed, designer to artist, typewriter to typewriter we will create a book together.

I wanted to introduce you to the idea of my art partnering in a colab and its gone so well that I actually have an update to share with you. We’ve processed through a handful of prototyped book sizes and samples of functioning pages and I think we have settled on a design that we are both excited about. I won’t ruin the surprise and say too much but I will mention that it is gorgeous.

If you are a friend to my facebook studio page then you may have seen glimpses of this project process on my studio work table series and will most likely see more on this series. I invite you follow. We are beginning the exchange phase. A master copy is being sent to England this week and the typewriters will start the conversation.

More updates to come.

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