art mobile

In Honor of Dr. John C.Wright

Located on The University of Texas Campus, AUSTIN, TEXAS, Pendant of Sea, is suspended at the center of a stairwell that is traveled by students and faculty of the Department of Human Ecology’s Human Development and Family Sciences wing of the Seay Building. The mobile is designed to honor the life work and avocations of Dr. John Wright. His love of music, water sports and work with children inspired the representational elements. The transparency plays on light from his extensive work with children and public television, the colors were drawn from sails on the water; the kinetics speak of the movement in music, society, wind and water. The foundation of the structure began with the idea of Dr. Wright influencing his larger environment. This is represented as a single droplet, the only blue element, with more mass, creating an extensive upward splash. Pendant of Sea speaks to a lifetime of influence by one man in a visual language spoken for the children. It is the young children in the Priscilla Pond Flawn Child and Family Laboratory that spiral around the mobile everyday looking to the future.