Artist Residency The Writing Barn

  • January 1, 2018 - current


By invitation, I have accepted a residency in Austin, Texas where I will be living and working at a wonderful retreat called The Writing Barn. It is a beautiful and secluded feeling seven and a half wooded acreage in the southern skirts of the city yet minutes away to all major conveniences. The property is sprinkled with a cabin, book house and a gathering space, affectionately termed ‘The Barn’ used for writer’s classes, seminars, readings and book signings.

My introspective time of residency will be spent bringing a focus to a foundational element of what it is for my specific path of being an artist and what are its offerings to society. From this goal I plan to sync my growth and explorations into a mission statement that will lead my knowledge and observations into a unified platform of presenting art that has an outreach to the human spirit.

In the public arena of my residency, I plan to include on-site installations that will be community interactive and/or observative based. I will continue creating visual art works on paper with both graphite and typewriters. Also, as my path has led me to a writing infused atmosphere, I plan to explore the more literary influence in my art as well. With much anticipation, I am looking forward to the permanent community of writers on the retreat and those that travel from all parts of the world for a temporary stay.

For the residency, I am living minimally and a bit nomadic as I’ve rolled in a small camper to sit amidst the trees. I am excited for the quiet and natural setting, letting the submergence in nature reset the psyche, and for the inside of my camper, which will house the smallest studio with the largest collection of typewriters.

The Writing Barn