Day 03.A Poem A Day Challenge

A Poem A Day: April 3, 2015 At Again by Stephanie Strange

A Poem A Day: April 3, 2015
At Again by Stephanie Strange

Writing poetry is turning my ear to the one speaking. For me it is not thinking, designing, creating. I am not the master of words, I am only the one listening and agreeing to repeat the sounds I hear. Even when I don’t understand or know how to follow to the undisclosed end, I write. I’ve learned this is fine with me because when I am given words at the speed of phrases, I can’t keep up. I am chasing the ideas that seem to outrun me. In one word moments, I often remind myself in metaphor, if I am given one step, I don’t wait for another, I take it, right now. Translated to, if I am given one word, I don’t wait for another, I give it, right now. This process can sometimes be trying since I use a manual typewriter. There is no delete button for edits if I don’t approve or think I could make it better. That is also a fascination I have with writing poetry on the typewriter, beautiful moments of preconception occurring. For example, I wrote a poem about wanting to be capable and titled it upon completion. To my instant distress, I had misspelled capable as “cabable”. My dismay quickly diminished as I realized the beauty of messing it up, again. I kept the title flob. I appreciate how my poetry can be so serious but I am not fearful to be imperfect or interrupt that seriousness with humor. And I embrace those preconception moments.

Day three of April’s National Poetry Month – A Poem A Day Challenge.

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