Day 04 :: 30 Poems in 30 Days April 2016

One Hour, April 4, 2016, 30 Poems In 30 Days

One Hour, April 4, 2016, 30 Poems In 30 Days

April 4, 2016 One Hour
I am beginning to see a theme with my time. When its not the most convenient or comfortable situation, its important to continue. I am really conjuring time and energy from where and when I can. You won’t always be where you are if you keep moving. Except for me, I might come full circle because I draw a lot of circles. In any case I’ll start on a new circle. 

I was just thinking, shamefully, how its been a while since I dedicated time in the day for sitting and writing. I was a bit angry at myself because it is something I enjoy so much and I know that it is imperative to the survival of the creative to work work work. Creativity is like any muscle, if you don’t use it, it will atrophy. So starting this challenge showed me how rusty I was in writing. I’ve been trying to live and not able to find enough time in each day to do it all. A sort of struggling to stay afloat. Unfortunately, the creativity has been the one to suffer the most, more than, say the sleeping. Theoretically, I imagine that I can reduce the sleeping to three hours a night to aid in getting more done but mental energy really needs its rest. I’ll just find myself with my head fallen down on my key pad after a few nights of that.

It is certainly a wake up call for me in my current situation to not let it slip away. I have dedicated so much and sacrificed so much for so many years to my creativity. It would be a real shame to just fall asleep to it because I was bothered with the nuances of life, like food, clothing and shelter. I think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs might say what I’m experiencing is normal. None the less, I’m pushing to get off the bottom of the triangle. If you have supported me through the years or you are a new supporter of my art, I want to personally thank you for your support. It is much appreciated and enables me to continue to bring this creative message that I have been charged to give. You are a part of that and I thank you.

P.S. I think its interesting that I began talking about today’s poem in terms of circles when it is typed blocky and square. Perhaps this is my wheel and I haven’t invented the round wheel for my creativity just yet. I’m not fretting, its all in time.

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One Response to Day 04 :: 30 Poems in 30 Days April 2016

  1. Michiel Carlier says:

    P30X Day 4

    In the accompanying text of your fourth poem of April Poetry Month you write that the circle’s you’ve drawn will make your movements circular. This idea sounds logical to me. The circular thinking raises the question if we can turn that statement around as well, and I think you can: your movements created the full circle of circle’s you’ve drawn.
    You write that you won’t always be where you are if you keep moving. I think you are absolutely right: if we keep moving our body and brain will keep in shape. I think we can extend it even a little bit further. If we keep moving we keep our balance, socially seen, just like riding a bike. Following that analogy, welcome back on your bike! You already wrote four poems and it looks like you are becoming more steady already. Look at this poem, it stands as a block! You must have switched your typewriter to center and justify!
    The blockiness and the density is telling me something. Something like it won’t give it’s secret away so easy, some work needs to be done to discover what it says. I think your poem beautifully mirrors what hard work it takes for you to find the time to do everything you need to do in a day and still be able to put time in your art.
    In my view, the block model of the poem also gives it a sort of mathematical look. So with the math part of my brain all warmed up, I set out to find what this poem could be all about. It seems there is more to ‘One Hour’ than meets the eye. If I look closer, I see that you placed, amidst the many ‘One hours’, as many G’s. So now the ‘one hour’ can also be read as ‘gone hour’. In other words, this poem shows how the hours are coming and going, which raises the question if there is a now in which we live. Can we live in the now? What does it mean when they say we should be more mindful, and live in the now? What is now?
    Now is, what is not the past and not the future. What we mean with ‘the past’ is everything that is behind us, the things that are no longer the case. It has been there, but is no longer there. Napoleon existed, but no longer exists. He did exist, but he doesn’t exist. What lies in the future will exist, but doesn’t exist yet. Of everything that lies in the past, you can say that it doesn’t exist, and of everything that lies in the future you can say that it doesn’t exist. The only things that exist are the things that exist now. The word existing is applied to the things that exist now. ‘Now’ and ‘existing’ are words that go together. At the same time, when I say that everything exists now, I have to say that I can see nothing of the now. I see only the past, but the observation happens now. The events that reach me are coming from the past. Granted, it is a short interval of time – a nanosecond in which the light travels – and in that time nothing much happens. That’s why I have the impression that I see your poem now, but strictly taken I don’t. This can be seen more outspokenly when I look at a star. I see the light of a star that no longer exists, but my observation happens now. If I look at your poem, I see it as how it was in the past. Everything I see, of which I know something, is what doesn’t exist anymore. Everything that happens, happens now, although not for me, but I am just one of the observers. Another observer might travel the universe in a different way as I do. It is possible that for him Napoleon exists. In a certain way the whole universe exists in its full extent of time. Everybody that lived still lives and yes, Elvis too. So in a certain sense the image that what has been has been, and what shall be shall be, isn’t true. All the hours that happened happen now. Time is a circular thing, a bowling ball. The square look of ‘One Hour’ could be pointing towards the illusion of the whole poem. In that way it could be a guide in pointing out that the idea of ‘time passing by’ is an illusion: we live now.
    Scientific breakthrough could come from the way an artist as yourself thinks: a certain non-academic, free flowing with nature style of thinking. One thing you do is to conjure time from where and when you can to be able to push yourself off the bottom of Maslow’s triangle. In the case of your poem I think the artist created ‘One Hour’ in a brave attempt to solve her shortage of time…
    The theory that the whole universe exists in its full extent of time is called The Block Universe of Special Relativity. How appropriate that ‘One Hour’ has the appearance of a block.
    With your fourth poem, if I understand it right, you might have written a poem that can act as a guide to see my time from a different perspective. Besides that, what it did for me was I connected it to spring forward around the time that it was written. It’s wonderful how your poems find a way to stay in my life.

    I think the square look of ’One Hour’ and it’s four sides and corners, and the fact that it is your fourth poem, go very well together with a beautiful piece of music and wonderful accompanying video called ’Four’ by Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm.