Day 06.A Poem A Day Challenge


A Poem A Day: April 6, 2015
Beyond Rafters by Stephanie Strange

Day six of the Poem a Day Challenge for April Poetry Month came at the end of the day. It was writing about the past while the present task was metaphor. Today Jim and I worked all day salvaging an old house. As a matter of fact it was our last day to be at this particular house. It was a bit nostalgic taking up the last of the wood floor remembering the first days of entering and thinking of the process of peeling back the layers and finding the deeper I went the more that the house had been neglected. It was a sad feeling for the house but also something satisfying to know that we were taking what was good and giving it a new life. It was a long day of moving heavy planks but in the end we drove away from the dusty smell of a long time uncared for house and we drove the remaining good parts forward to being upcycled with care. So here is the poem written today.

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