Day 09 :: 30 Poems in 30 Days April 2016

At I, April 9, 2016, 30 Poems in 30 Days

At I, April 9, 2016, 30 Poems in 30 Days

At I, April 9, 2016
I returned to the park to write. I sat in my station wagon, in the back seat that faces out. The window was flipped open but I was parked into the wind so the rain coming down didn’t enter through the window. It was nice to be in the quiet with the only sounds of nature.

I can’t say it was any easier to write today but this process is like holding a mirror up to my life. When nothing seems right, still I trust that I am where I need to be, learning through the  unsuccessful phases. And with that statement, it really redefines ‘unsuccessful’ as success.

It is looking at the reflected image and not being afraid to see it no matter what it may be.


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One Response to Day 09 :: 30 Poems in 30 Days April 2016

  1. Michiel Carlier says:

    P30X Day 9

    Your 2016 challenge of Poetry Month has so far showed it all. You started of with what seemed to be a more classical style of poem, and at the same time giving them your own style. My favorite so far of the more classical poems is ‘He Called’, I love it. ‘Silence Chirps’ has no words that we may find in our dictionary. ‘Something’ has no words at all. ‘He Let Me Fall’ has words but no sentences. ‘One Hour’, it has no sentences but two words being repeated. I think it is fair to say you have been showing us more diversity so far than you’ll find in most poetry books.

    ‘At I’ has the least amount of words and probably not a sentence, but it is the poem that is the bravest, and therefore it says the most about you. With your ninth poem, it seems to me you succeeded to hold your mirror still. ‘At I’, the title I think stands for the mirror, and the poem I think stands for engagement. Your poem I think is a striking allusion for some of our worst fears and longings for friendship and understanding. I feel there is something reassuring in this weird looking poem: the issues that keep me busy keep you busy as well, and probably everyone of us. They do not stand on themselves, but are part of the dynamics of a problematic sort of engagement for everybody: the engagement between the self and the other.
    Reaching this conclusion, it was time to take your poem out of the X-ray to prevent myself from becoming blinded by my own rays. Your ninth poem is a mirror for us all, a truly magnificent poem.

    Familiar by Nils Frahm


    PS: Your name comes really close to epiphany…