Day 09.A Poem A Day Challenge

A Poem A Day: April 9, 2015 The Same by Stephanie Strange

A Poem A Day: April 9, 2015
The Same by Stephanie Strange

Have you ever been blindsided? I think that word usually connotates a negative incident, but not always. Today in my daily meditations and prayers, this image that I write about, came to me. It is the idea of being busy with effort towards a particular goal when something bigger says you are coming at it at the wrong angle, let me show you something. And an enlightenment happens. I see that I am trying so hard for an impossible task and the solution is on a different track. It is really quite simple as knowing each of us are the ocean and we already are. The other side of nothing or no one being able to take that away is the same for bringing it back. Today’s poem is titled The Same. I started it on my Remington Quiet-Riter but moved to the laptop because the words and I were being tossed together in the surf. When this happens I like to make a decision if the story is words or energy. In today’s case, I felt something needed to be articulated with words. I am satisfied with this direction because this poem showed me something about myself. I hope it touches you as well.

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