Day 10 :: 30 Poems in 30 Days April 2016

Pottery, April 10, 2016, 30 Poems in 30 Days

Pottery, April 10, 2016, 30 Poems in 30 Days

Pottery, April 10, 2016
I have not been quiet about the struggle I am having with writing during this project and I’ve been spending a lot of time considering – Why.

I’ve come up with more than one reason, a sort of tapestry of different aspects. One is my life situation. The shift from focusing on being creative to meeting my basic needs left me drained with a lack of creative energy. My daily practice began to suffer with less and less time and energy to dedicate to it. Coming to my work felt too far in between and disconnected. Another reason, and a compounded one, is specific to the nature of this project. It is the difference between producing a poem on a schedule compared to my usual custom of writing poetry when the poem presents itself. I am finding it a true challenge to to get past the pressure to produce every day when I don’t feel well versed, my energy drained and resources depleted.

Aside from all that, this project has been great for the purpose of holding a mirror to my work regime in its current situation. Probably the most important realization is one that needed me to back up, way back and take a big picture view at what I was going through. What I saw was an artist and a person that was struggling and fighting for balance and survival. But just as a backed up to take a look, I also zoomed in to those quiet moments when I am alone with tool and medium. What was the joy? I remembered it there in that wonderful in sync feeling of being in the zone, visited by my creative muse. What would happen in those visits was – trust. My creative  muse would direct me and I would trust the direction.

I considered this on a small scale and wondered why it to be any different on a large scale, for example, a scale that included my entire life. At that thought I realized that I wanted to trust. So I did. I trusted this time in my life with its struggles and brokeness to have meaning to call out some greatness in me. To push me beyond what I think I am capable of.

I thought of a potter talking to their clay, the clay responds not knowing the painful processes it will endure will turn it into a beautiful piece of pottery. I had a choice to make. Then this poem was born.


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One Response to Day 10 :: 30 Poems in 30 Days April 2016

  1. Michiel Carlier says:

    P30X Day 10

    With your tenth poem it seems to me you have made the confrontation with your life. You have looked at the gap between your opportunity and your current daily life activity.
    In your accompanying writing you explain how you saw yourself as an artist and a person that was struggling and fighting for balance and survival, knowing your passion lies with that wonderful in sync feeling of being in the zone, those quiet moments when you are alone with tool and medium. Then you explain how you pushed yourself into creating this poem. I think ‘Pottery’ is a very important poem, because it could stand for exactly this feeling of pushing, of struggling. Pottery inspired me to be your mirror that strengthens trust in yourself.

    You are an artist Stephanie, in the true sense of the word. Your art is where your passion and strength meet. What drives you? As an artist you are a pioneer. And it seems you were born a pioneer. You have always uncovered, your whole life so far, and you will probably continue to do so. In short, the whole purpose and strength as well as the history of your organization is and has been to uncover ideas, energies and processes.
    One explanation of Pottery is that it shows you looking at yourself as the pioneer that you are. And a pioneer by definition is expanding boundaries, pushing boundaries and limits further, a struggle in itself. Pushing in other words is natural for you, and should come natural for you. So in some sense you see yourself estranged from your strength.

    This is where your great value lies, in pioneering, and your most loyal customers and fans are watching over your shoulder to see what you are doing, what you uncovered and how and where. We, your customers, ‘demand’ that you use your strength, that you are the pioneer that we cannot be ourselves, because of what our daily life consists of; our time goes into our children, our farm, our parents, to name but a few things people life for. It is the pioneer in us that we cannot be ourselves, that we see in you and that we want to motivate you to be. We realize your art fills up a need we have, your art fits inside an emptiness in our lives. We therefore want to pull it out of you. Pottery could stand for the ‘empty‘ pull; there is nothing we can pull out of you what you cannot pull out of yourself. The pot is empty…
    We look at you and your art, and we see you deliver what we want. We want to be the end-users of your creations, because we identify with the pioneer in you. Your creations make us feel that way. It is what we need in our lives. And that will determine the long-term relationship and value for us and your organization. You have noticed this in your art career, and realized that it is where your biggest opportunity lies. You defined your ‘purpose’ to create in line with your passion.
    You have probably realized, and rightly so, that this group we are, becomes bigger and more needy as our life becomes fuller and busier with work and other daily tasks. When we come home we look at your art, just so we can remember the feeling of discovering, exploring. Our buying and looking at your art is our symbolic solution to fulfill our natural instinct to explore. You probably realized that this is what creates your business potential. Pottery could stand for the lack of trust in yourself, that your idea was right: there is potential in your business. And the potential is growing with our lack of time to explore our natural environment.
    Pottery could be your turning-point: create the route to get there. Think of a right strategy. It is what you do naturally, you create routes, follow energies. In order to do that, it is essential that you start with trusting yourself. Trust your muse, trust each other. This takes time and shared experiences. Pottery is the poem that stands for re-claiming these shared experiences, this trust in yourself. Re-position the trust in yourself. Become who you are.


    Broken, Ólafur Arnalds