Day 10.A Poem A Day Challenge

A Poem A Day: April 10, 2015 Turn by Stephanie Strange

A Poem A Day: April 10, 2015
Turn by Stephanie Strange

There is a certain pressure in writing a poem a day. It sometimes worries me that I will not have words to say or no words that I care to share. Let’s face it, life doesn’t always have the best timing or what appears to be the best timing. During this challenge, I have been wanting to write about more positive subjects, maybe with happier tones. That is not where I am, so there has been some struggle in writing for public view. The thought that I am reminded of is that I am in perfect timing. All the elements of life come together at the right time for a reason. Of course that reason may lead to more mystery for meditation but I am fortunate as an artist to have supporters that embrace even the vulnerabilities in the creative process.

Today when I sat at my typewriter, a phrase came to my mind, ‘When there are no returns.’ I typed it but when it was time to hit the return, I stopped. I thought, when there are no returns, what do I do? I felt that I could not hit the return on the carriage so I flipped the paper instead. I repeated this process of not returning to the left margin but flipping the paper continuing this process from top to bottom of the page. Its funny how fears talk in our heads. Fear said it is ridiculous to repeat one phrase over and over. It said it isn’t poetry. It said no one wants to read this. Its interesting the battles that go on in our minds. What do we do? Who do we listen to? What do we choose? In this case, I made the choice to follow the voice of poetry.

When the poem was complete, I pulled it from the platen and looked at it for a while and I was touched at its simple poetic beauty. It was created in a pattern that was in sync with the message. I noticed mistakes were left behind. They could not be undone, they could be corrected in the present. Imperfections did not change the meaning of the message and they did not make it unreadable. They made the phrase more true. When there are no returns there is only turn. If one ‘re’ ‘turns’ then one turns again. To double negative ‘no’ and ‘re’ then it is canceled to mean one ‘turns’. When one point turns, does it rotate in circles like a planet? Movement is life creating. If we stop moving we are dying. Moving forward is seeking life. So the poem is saying, I may meet you again in the rotation but I do not reverse, I continue spinning with order.

Here is today’s poem titled, Turn.

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