Day 13 :: 30 Poems in 30 Days April 2016

The Un Doors, April 13, 2016, 30 Poems in 30 Days

The Un Doors, April 13, 2016, 30 Poems in 30 Days

The Un Doors, April 13, 2016
I felt a shift yesterday. I think I walked out into it. I sat in my car typing phrases that didn’t connect with each other until I felt the universe pulsing in the middle of the field. I left the car and stepped into those vibrations. Was it my movement or the vortex? Perhaps the combination. Because today when I drove to the park to type a poem, I could feel the universe. It wasn’t in the field, it was in my car, it was in my chest. This poem poured out of me. I’m not sure how it will read for you with the coded but I am enamored with it. Thank you for following along this poetry road.

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One Response to Day 13 :: 30 Poems in 30 Days April 2016

  1. Michiel Carlier says:

    P30X Day 13

    Having been surprised with Ed Ad’s layout, a white blaze on a tree, ‘The Un Doors’ surprised me even more. Your thirteenth poem looks like the pieces of a puzzle. The Un Doors is the poem that you are enamored with, so I wrote it down:

    This time I ran,
    I had nowhere to go but fast,
    I’ll stop at the water for a drink.

    Then I’ll learn to sail,
    I could not buy the book,
    already they emptied the shelf,
    If only I had looked.

    Finding something to wonder what it is,
    holding it like the sun could fit on your tongue.

    Up I would have seen the hatch,
    but I couldn’t get there from the wreck.
    It’s a detour to walk so long, slipping off the curb,
    the weather is coming and the doors are growing,
    Walls and walls are sliding to the side,
    that’s when the lights are set down,
    and you think you are alone,
    You sing your song for the storm,
    the house lights up and it’s all a roar.
    How did you get there,
    but through the exit door.

    Then I set out to find its meaning and I discovered that your poem holds the words of this configuration:

    A roar would come from my tongue,
    how did you slip, get up there already,
    I could not set down at the walls,
    I only fit you.

    I would have emptied the house,
    and I would only hold my book from the shelf,
    it’s a wreck, but I find it nowhere.

    Then, sliding the sun off to the side,
    I wonder what I would have seen,
    time would stop like a storm,
    but I would sing your song.

    Then, I would go to the exit door up there, and I would sail to you alone,
    I would walk so long, detour from the growing weather,
    I’ll learn when to drink water, I would slip on something fast,
    I would be coming for you, I would look for you in the lights.

    This I would do, for I think you are alone.


    Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi