Day 15 :: 30 Poems in 30 Days April 2016

Go Then, April 15, 2016, 30 Poems in 30 Days

Go Then, April 15, 2016, 30 Poems in 30 Days

Go Then, April 15, 2016
Its such an interesting journey walking with a creative poetry muse. For weeks, I’ve been struggling, struggling, then not; then it changes again. Today it did not flow but not because it was silent. I was receiving instruction to follow the prompts to get to the poem. I felt an urge to leave the typewriter and car to walk along the shore line. At a certain point I knew it was time to walk back but nothing beyond that. When I arrived back at the car, I felt a knowing that it was time to leave. I fought the leaving because it is so difficult for me to write at the house, but the urge persisted. I went home where I was urged to open my old apple computer and type in illustrator. I wanted to stay on the typewriter but as soon as I began typing in illustrator, the words started building up like bricks to a house. When the poem was finished, I sat back in a sense of amazement. Poetry is a spirit or energy that communicates with me. When I listen to it and not my own design, lovely poetry happens.

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  1. Michiel Carlier says:

    P30X Day 15

    When your poem ‘Go Then’ popped up on my screen, so much was clear to me that my home system had picked up on an alien signal. It was unmistakably a signal to request immediate aid. Possibly it was the case that this alien suspected that he couldn’t sufficiently recover from his sickness, being on planet earth, and realized that it was crucial for his survival to send a message to his spaceship to come and escort him away. His health would most certainly soon be returning, once he would be inside his spaceship, in which he would receive the right treatment.
    Feeling honored that a nearby alien in distress was relying on my help, and switching into emergency mode, I couldn’t help but also feel a little bit anxious to see what sort of device he had been creating in order to send his message. The poor thing probably had been gathering the parts of his device from what he found laying around, not a whole lot and astonishingly simple compared to the out-of-this-world parts on his spaceship, none of which he could have found anywhere on earth. Considering what he had to deal with to successfully create a functional device with what men have brought forth, being sick and all, I felt a lot of sympathy for him.
    His ship I suspected would be equipped with the option to receive messages from a whole spectrum of different signals. Probably around the same time that I received his message, his ship would have received and translated his signal, to the extend of instantly defining the contents of the message and unmistakably setting course towards his exact location. However, no matter the quality of its tech or the scope of its radar, being galaxies away it will take some time to arrive here. But no further information would be necessary for his ship and I realized that it was probably on the way. He needed help this instant, so much was clear, and he could count on my help during the time that his ship was underway. I, on the other hand, in order to make myself ready for an extensive rescue operation that would involve multi-level alien assistance, needed a little bit more information.
    For starters, I needed to know about his whereabouts. Before long, I was able to translate the first part of the message which clearly said ‘Go Then’. Being thankful that my mind already was showing higher capability than I had expected it to have, I sprang up from my chair, confident that the rest of the message would reliably and efficiently be translated by my unconscious knowledge of whatever alien language I apparently possessed. One does not need many words to understand a call for help, no matter the species. Besides, my alien would probably hold in his arms on or another earthly thing that mirrors the state of his health, from which I would be able to plainly understand and diagnose its situation. All I probably had to do was hold him close and keep him warm, feed him with compassion while waiting on his ship to arrive.
    My unconscious thinking, much quicker than I thought it able to do so, decrypted the code of this message with miraculously clear result. Looking on my screen, I could now make up the words and understand them. It said:

    You did not come today
    I waited in stillness
    then walked to the sand
    and I left not until the northwind said now
    understanding, not wanting to let go
    following the road I arrived in the
    and you were there

    Reading the message, now like it was written in normal human script, I was overwhelmed with many different emotions. I was very excited to know more about him and with the foresight that I would probably be able to help him out. I felt like my spirit was lifted, because I realized, here is a living being from another planet, who, in having to trust me to be friendly to him and tend his needs, overcame an immense inter-species boundary. I felt like being exalted intergalactic limitations. I am just a human being, but now I am put in the position to help out another living being, my work will be on an interstellar level.
    Also, I felt great sadness. ‘You did not come today’, he said. This was undeniably what it said, and it tore me apart. In my mind’s eye I pictured a living being, with a beating heart and soul, waiting in stillness for his ship to arrive and care for him. ‘I left not until the northwind said now’ he said, which must mean that, from what he remembered, he knew he had to wait for the northern wind to tell him when to go. I was intrigued, for I had been given insight into the workings of how they understand each other. Although I have seen E.T. communicating with his fellow species by using the wind, I always thought it a little bit fantastic, but apparently it is what they do.
    From what he said by ‘then walked to the sand’, I concluded that his meeting point must be somewhere in the dunes by the beach, because it is the only place over here where we have sand. Then I was struck with an intense feeling of compassion. Even now, experiencing the miserable state he is in, longing for his family and friends and the place he calls home, he said ‘not wanting to let go’, which must mean that he doesn’t want to let go of his earthly experience just yet. He must have become attached to our world. I can understand that without words, because I feel the same. The more I read, the closer I felt to him, and my urge to help him steadily grew.
    For a moment I felt like his message would not be sufficient for me to fully understand his whereabouts, because he seemed to have forgotten to include a word when he said ‘following the road I arrived in the…’ Disaster would be complete. Here he is, finally able to send a most urgent message to ask for some much needed help, fellow species or not, only to be waiting on his rescuers in vain, because he forgot to include his location. Tears started to well up in my eyes. I wouldn’t be able to find him, this wonderful living being, my alien friend…
    Reading the last line of his message, a great relieve came over me, which somehow only added more tears to my eyes. He said ‘then…and you were there’, by which I understood that he was about to say farewell to this world, or any world for that matter, when his ship finally arrived, and transported him to safety. I realized that I have been misinterpreting this message from the beginning. It was not written to request aid, but to express gratitude.
    In the english language the word ‘you’ can mean both one or more people, so I like to think that my alien friend, after many years, was re-united with his lady when he said ‘and you were there’.


    Aphex Twin’s lovely ‘Avril 14th’: