Day 15.A Poem A Day Challenge

A Poem A Day: April 15, 2015 This by Stephanie Strange

A Poem A Day: April 15, 2015
This by Stephanie Strange

I was just thinking of the ingredients of my writing. This 30 poems in 30 days challenge has shown me how rusty the channels have become when not writing for a while. It has been a while. Life struggles have weighed in on my writing productivity. What you are seeing through these poems is the calling of poetry back to my daily life. And it is like throwing boulders of hardship off the shoulders in my mind. What has been heaped is being removed and you are seeing a glimpse of stages in that process. Today’s poem is acknowledging that I am in this place that is not particularly a pretty one. It is not words of beauty and inspiration not even encouragement or clever design as maybe I would like to present. But it is real and beautiful for that reason. It is vulnerable to show you the whispers of being the human that I am. Its not edited, its not polished, its poetry that is coming back to find a pile of fallen stones and determined to build again.

You can find the Poem A Day in my blog under Poem a Day: April 2015 or on my fan page.

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