Day 19.A Poem A Day Challenge

A Poem A Day: April 19, 2015 Back by Stephanie Strange

A Poem A Day: April 19, 2015
Back by Stephanie Strange

For the past week I’ve been house sitting for my sister, in a different environment than usual. I was alone everyday all day but I never felt alone. I felt incredibly creative. I noticed something about the poetry. My mind was saturated with it. All that I saw was in poetry, sound was in poetry. A friend even pointed out in an email that I was talking in poetry. Its been a wonderful fever but coming back to my routine life and infusing my creativity with daily activities and reality changed the water level on my weightlessness. Today, seems my mind was quite with poetry. I sat at the typewriter wondering what to say. This is the other end of the spectrum amazing thing, poetry is there, just below the surface. As soon as I begin typing, it comes like a fabled mermaid to bring me words from the sea. Today’s poem is titled Back. As I was typing the words ‘I cannot go back’ the word ‘back’ was returned to the beginning of the page as an anti back of what it meant to go back and then the poem resumed. That is a bit of inside the studio to share. I hope you enjoy.

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