Day 24.A Poem A Day Challenge

A Poem A Day: April 24, 2015 Day Title by Stephanie Strange

A Poem A Day: April 24, 2015
Day Title by Stephanie Strange

Time goes by, life ages slowly and much is forgotten. Looking at a photograph can bring a memory straight back, even hold details that would have been lost forever. Such as your favorite shirt or a particular hairstyle and they aren’t so important to the grand scheme of your life but they are your history. No matter how small they can hold ties to emotions. The same goes for photos during those epic times in our lives. We can look back and appreciate those moments in a way we could not while in the middle of it. I find the same thing happens when writing everyday or almost everyday. What looks like random words in this poem is a record of a year of writing. Each entry I make is titled and when they are seen all together, a good idea of the year is remembered.

There is virtue is not understanding at times. It holds a mirror up to ourselves in the way we react to what we don’t understand. Then one day the key is given to us and we understand. This is what this poem, Day Title is about. Who are we when we don’t understand, how does it change us to understand and who do we become once we do.

This poem also has some beautiful synchronicities in the typing patterns. Mistypes are not erased, they are bolded and I think that is what we do to ourselves when we believe we make mistakes but as you can see in the poem, it is only one small mistype but because it is bolded it draws a lot of attention. The spacing also changes between the lines and this is indicitive of our journey through life. Our pace, efforts or circumstances will be as they are and never create a flawless image. There is beauty in variations.

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