Day 29.A Poem A Day Challenge

A Poem A Day: April 29, 2015 Now by Stephanie Strange

A Poem A Day: April 29, 2015
Now by Stephanie Strange

Sound is such a powerful thing. It is so much more than what can be heard. It is vibrations that create by motion and that motion can change the physical realm. In this poem titled Now, the concept of sound is used as a conjuring of the will. It is the idea that making the thought have sound gives it an existence and more than that, a force.

A few elements in this visual poem is the movement of white space. There is a beautiful unbalance in the balance. Also the sound appears to be moving in one direction but is read in the other. And if this poem is literally read, it will be found that the word ‘now’ is typed randomly in the sound. It is a command of the will to move first by sound and all else will follow.

You can find the Poem A Day in my blog under Poem a Day: April 2015 or on my fan page.

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