December Edition 10Y12M: Looking Back is Forward Glancing

12.10Y12M.01Here we are, at the finale of 10Y12M art subscription. It has been quite a journey, sharing a retrospect of looking into my studio and thoughts from the past ten years. First I will say thank you for celebrating this milestone with me. It has been an experience each month sending a wide spectrum of art and thoughts that I felt represented key elements of the last ten years. They have been delivered in all sizes and shaped packages with a great feeling knowing these works gave an insightful representation of my creativity. I hope my subscribers have enjoyed it and everyone else that has seen it progressing on the blog or facebook fanpage, has as well.

I spent December as artist in residence in Texas on my family’s land, gathering supplies and tools for this work. I also spent the last month carrying them everywhere I went in Texas and eventually all the way back to The Netherlands. As I have returned to my studio, I thought about how fitting it was that for the last piece of 10Y12M, I found myself again in a temporary place, make shifting a work space, and a small percentage of struggle to bring it together, not unlike the state of my studio in the last few years of the ten. I myself am displaced the last month of the subscription from my studio in The Netherlands, a country populated with nineteen million people and the size of Maryland, where my biggest concern is staying dry and warm while maintaining a little personal space, to traveling to the deep country of Texas where rattlesnakes and panthers remind me I’m not alone in the wide open space.

No matter the contrast of the characteristics of the locations, I see that there is something in common wherever I find myself these days and that is the state of searching to create. It reminds me of the survival needs concept: food, clothing and shelter. At the root, we need a balance of these three and when one is lacking, we seek to fulfill its need. But in the survival of my creativity, I would replace the three with tools, supplies and space. For a while, I have felt my creativity production off balance, especially peaking during this past December. It is not what I imagined for this decade marker, to be at a junction of displacement. I will admit, when I weighed the hard work invested with what ten years had accumulated in terms of a progressing linear path, there was a small thread of panic.

But that was because of the perspective. Thinking of this turned my mind to remember all the different studios and places I’ve set up as work stations the last ten years and I realized to be at an imbalance is not so adverse. It presents an uncertainty and with that comes possibilities. In this thought a transition occurred. My mind has turned from looking back at assessments and accomplishments of the last ten years to the simplicity of how fluid and flexible creative energy can be, which is not determined by location, equipment, or accumulation, but by the force within.

Looking back seemed to be an essential experience in moving forward and seeing that I started with only my creativity, climbed to the top of the mountain then returned to as much as, my creativity, that was the true milestone. So in the last month of the last year of the first decade of my art career I am sharing a form of art that as it may pay homage to previous work, its great focus is that it looks ahead, symbolizing the ideas not yet created.

I have sent the subscribers a maquette and if you are not familiar with the term, it is simply a small scale version or model of an idea. It is used often in many fields of discipline to give a 3D body to a proposed work. I use it primarily when I am working on large scale projects that involve realization by other levels of participation.

In this case I am sending a maquette as the last edition of 10Y12M, which I consider a very large scale project. Metaphorically, it is equal to a model for potential. It is a mobile to speak of the kinetic energy of the future and its ungrounded possibilities, to speak for ideas to be reached, touched and moved. The shapes are derived from the inked typewriter keys that mark our existence. In weight and balance truth is perceived. And black, for the undiscovered of what stretches forward whichever direction we deem forward.

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