February Edition of 10 Years in 12 Months Holds Formlessness

February’s edition is about the anti art of my art. The anti art is a timeless creative drive that has been with me even long before I began sharing my art professionally. It is the searching, and in finding – the giving of form. Articulating the form is discovering formlessness. It is this discovery, of formlessness that I strive to communicate. It is in these first ten professional years that I came to understand through many hours of contemplation and consideration in my work the balance of the anti art. I found the beauty to be in the formlessness but without the form, the formless could not be realized. I searched within the formless to find form.

In this month’s edition, I work with fine art vellum paper and the manual typewriter. Typewriters include: Silver-Reed 100/Orange Queen, Olympia Traveller/White and Royal Royaluxe 400/Grey Lady. I often chose paper for its surface texture, its ability to accept marks, its weight, fiber content, and its flexibility. In this creative work, I have chosen a velum for its translucent body and line definition upon altering its fibers. The folding and layering of typewriter marks are representative of searching a language for articulation of the formless.

Together the paper and machine create a form that realizes the formlessness in the layered empty space of these hand typed nesting origami boxes. I dedicate February to understanding that the form is found within formlessness.

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