Getting to the A.T.

It’s March 23, 2011 I wake early, my plane flies at 8 A.M. From Bastrop to Austin, to Dallas to Atlanta to Dahlonega. From Car to plane to tram to plane to subway to shuttle to hostile. I sit on the top bunk, waiting.

Its a strange day knowing I will be absent from my routine life for the next six months. Everything I know about moving through a day to the next is fading in the distance as I come closer to the unknown. Comforts that I enjoy in being close to my family and friends, and the convenience of my environment are only thoughts of things I will miss. There is no relationship of the void translated to the reality. It is all unknown.

I will carry on my back everything I need to live for six months. I will walk 2,181 miles at the mercy of the weather. Nature will be my breath, it will be my heartbeat, my guide.

Today as I travel to the trail, it is a romantic notion. It may all change tomorrow when I wake and put on my pack and start walking.

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