I forgot to say salvaged and reloved

Two objects for Tiny Housanie, one, I suppose, to live in a tiny house is to have a minimal sort of mindset to possessions and space and the relationship of efficiency of them together. (and if I build on wheels to contend with a mobile feature). The other objective is to make it from recycled, repurposed, salvaged, upcycled, free cycled & recreated, materials and a whole lot of love and undoubtedly relove. This is the fun of it, the challenge of living in a small space, and the challenge of turning used or discarded supplies into something beautiful, like a place to live. It is my first house to build and tiny at that, but I would like to share the process with you. Hey, you are even welcome to be a part of the process, if you have or know of supplies or services, feel free to share and let me know. I’ll keep photos posted here so you can follow the progress along. Since I’ve decided to build this tiny house, its already become, not the house that Stephanie built but the one that she, her family and friends built with blessing. I already feel grateful to my community, you really are so wonderful. So here it goes…let the building begin.

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