March Edition in Post

10Y12M Package in BikeIt is a very cold day, 0℃ but I put a stack of March edition subscriptions in my red bag, place it in my bike basket and set off for the post. Its shipping day for 10 Years in 12 Months! Here in Krimpen aan den Ijssel, the post is a shared space with a toy store so its a bit of fun to walk past the toy isles to the back where the scales are located. Some toys bring back fun memories and some are curious wonders. Repelsteeltje Speelgoed, the toy store, is part of a shopping center that includes a bakery, cheese shop, butcher shop, two grocery stores, a drug store, a home store a few other businesses. But one of my favorite shops to walk by is the pet store. It always  has the cutest little animals by the door. So a visit to De Korf is a visit in which I get everything I need plus sometimes I get to smell a puppy. Today the subscriptions are sent. They should arrive in America in approximately two weeks. It will be another surprise to each subscriber.

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