November 10Y12M: Busy Dreaming

November is not about all the sleep I’ve missed in the last ten years; I think I’ve mentioned that already in my letters to my subscribers. And its not about the sleep I’ll be catching up on. However, it is about keeping dreams active. In the cliché of phrases like hold onto your dreams, keep the dream alive, or live your dream, I hear them and always think of some distant notion of a grand scheme of an ideal paradise life somewhere in the tropics reclining in a hammock. Which is always sort of funny to me because when I have my choice, I would choose to travel, be on the move, learn about culture, hike, bike, explore and if I’m not doing this, I’d rather be active creating something.

In terms of ‘dreams’ in my art career, it is an active process of nurturing and maintaining ideas to fruition, not letting them fall into sleep. This month I would like to honor that practice that is ever present in my studio. So I guess my point about dreams is that they are not always big ideas or very far away ideals but can be defined as even the smallest moments of listening to the truth within yourself and acting on it.

So in lieu of pillows, sleep and dreams, November’s edition is a sort of soft ironic reminder of finding the motion to keep moving in the quietest still moments.

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