September 10Y12M: Unseen Sound

09.10Y12M.02September’s edition is a graphite and medium drawing on artist board. It was a process that yielded a surprise. The drawing was set out with the intention of being a visually pleasing drawing but something happened that changed the focus. With each line I drew, it seemed to be shouting that I wasn’t listening. For a short while I struggled with the lines until I finally agreed to listen, and listen I did, actually listen with my ears to the sound of the lead over the ground on the board that served as a kind of drum. It was stunning the sound. Drawing for the eyes is one thing but what happens when one is drawing for the ears. Perhaps during the exhibition of the drawing, it is locked until the key is given that it is not for the sensory of the eyes but the ears and then it opens becoming a new visual journey. So was September as I sat and drew the sounds.

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