My art is inspired by the energy created in communication. Communication is the life force that I observe as the idea grows and interacts with an environment.

I draw energy. My work seeks to track the vastness of its existence and translate the connection to an environment relative to itself. My drawings are stories told of intangible ideas that span time and space yet simultaneously specific to an individual or a moment. When I begin a drawing, I see two levels. One is the big picture of the idea and the other are the small elements that create it. The drawing process reveals the image body between the two.

Drawing is approached with sensitivity to process. By evolving similar diminutive elements, I create larger bodies that embody the will of communication as a whole. The individual elements within the whole interact as the current of cause and effect in growth. My interest lies in the idea of levels of communication layered and interwoven. It involves the multifaceted relationship of the process of communication active and reactive.

In creating art about communication and will, I consider the working relationship of techniques and mediums an exchange of information. I choose graphite, inks, paints, even typewriters for marking qualities; and paper for its ability to receive and hold marks. I pay attention to the action of the drawing. I feel its tension and I hear its friction. I see its relation to space and subject. I travel with each element moving to the next, allowing the sum to be a collective progression.

My drawings are the energy of the process of creation.

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