Looking Back at Ten | 2003 – 2013

I have been thinking quite a lot in retrospect lately. 2013 marks the ten-year anniversary of launching my professional art career with an open studio. Now, I find myself at a place unexpected, a beginning. From the start, I have worked diligently and persistently to create and share my art openly. With much thanks, I have also met and been embraced by so many art appreciators that gave me great opportunities and supported the continuation of my work. Perhaps like my art follows lines of development, I thought my career would do the same, accumulatively. But my art also factors in the chaos theory and this is just as my professional path did as well. The last two years have been hugely transitional years that have not seen much artwork coming from the studio due to personal life situations. At first thought, the consequences of starting new seemed daunting with the recollection of ten years of sacrifices, all the sleepless nights, the learning curves and problem solving. But, I found courage as I looked back on the last ten years of making art, I found that I have the most wonderful patrons and art appreciators to share this beautiful gift of art that is sometimes image, sometimes words. I also found, in whatever stage I find my art, that in looking back I am looking forward. There is something to be said for courage to change, it is a timeless experience. Thank you for following me these ten years, I am excited to share with you what comes next.

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