The Intention of Decision

Typewriter ArtMaking a decision is deciding to make that decision over and over. I had passed by the fantastical and chosen that mysterious unknown world of creative energy. I chose the line and the line made me chose it again and again in the process of creating it. It decided where to start, what direction to type and how to stop and where. I had to listen, ask and yield by tuning my mind and body to it. The rhythm was focus and the path to the edge of the paper was effort. Looping the line back around to itself was a strain on my submission of logic. Its odd how I fight what I hear the paper saying, but when it is finished, it makes more sense than I could have made. And when the last period was typed, I loved the line, everything about it was right.

In Tension, & detail
Typewriter on Paper
Royal Futura 800 / Peach
{drawn with the period character}
1 5/8″ x 38″
private collection

in tension, typewriter on paper, typewriter art, minimalist

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