The story and portrait of Old Lady Typewriter

This is the typed story of finding ‘Old Lady’ typewriter.

The second part of the story includes carrying her home in the front basket of my bike. She was quite heavy and the snow had become slippery, ice really. As she was in the front basket, it was easy to tilt the balance of the bike. With the ice, well, twice we slipped and twice the bike, typewriter and I went in three different directions. Although I was sorry to see her glide across the ice, I noticed upon panicky inspection each time that ‘Old Lady’ had not a scratch or dent or bend. It was like she was telling me again that I could be proud of choosing her, that the impression she had given me of herself was true. There were two other typewriters to choose from but for her mentioned qualities I chose her. She proved herself again on the ice and I was proud to add her to my typewriter collection. Riding home today, I found I have a respect and fondness for this beautiful strong machine that will be known as ‘Old Lady’.

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